Properties for sale in Binissalem

The municipality of Binissalem of Mallorca is located in the center of the island and belongs to the Raiguer region. According to the last census, this municipality has 6,773 inhabitants.

This town was one of the pioneers in the cultivation of grapes. Its wines nowadays are so well known that it was even mentioned by the famous philosopher and scientist Plinio, the Elder. It is uncommon to hear about Binissalem without the word ‘wine’ in the same sentence.

This area of ​​vineyards was the first to receive a Denomination of Origin in 1991 in Majorca. Together with the towns of Santa María, Santa Eugenia and Alaró, Binissalem is the central point of the revitalization of quality wine production on the island.

Therefore, this municipality is in very high demand by tourists who come for a good wine tour to taste the local wines and to take some home, since this Mallorcan production is sold and consumed locally.

In addition to wine, it also has a good reputation for its production of carpentry and masonry. There are still some active quarries today.

The streets of Binissalem are full of stone buildings and squares and it is lesser-known by tourists. The surrounding valleys offer a wide variety of hiking trails and the mountain ranges around offer spectacular views.

This area is full of rural hotels that are always a good option to relax in nature. In Binissalem there are many excursions to do and interesting places to visit.

The beaches of SóllerPollensa and Alcudia are within walking distance from the municipality and are a good choice to spend a fun day at the beach.

The municipality has a mix of local and international residents and offers a relaxed and artisanal atmosphere. It is 30 kilometers from Palm which is a considerable distance for those who work in the capital. Therefore, Binissalem is an option for those who want to live in a purely Mediterranean environment.

A property in this municipality ranges between 150,000 and 300,000 euros for a larger house or apartment. It is a perfect area for people looking for a house with land. Many of these large farms reach multi-million euros prices, but it is also possible to find good ranchos for less than one million euros.