Properties for sale in Soller

Sóller is one of the most beautiful areas of Mallorca, located in the northwest part of the island, right in the middle of the “valley of oranges” or “valley of gold”. This population prospered because of the abundance of citrus crops in the valley.

Sóller is surrounded and separated from the rest of Mallorca by mountains. In the 19th century, this geographical situation forced them to export oranges to France from the Port of Soller. Similarly. Many citizens of Sóller emigrated to France and returned to the island with great fortunes. They invested in some of the modern buildings that still remain.

Nowadays, Sóller has easy access by car. Since the 90s, the tunnel of Sóller provides a more comfortable route to Palma and the rest of the island, thus avoiding the curves which are so characteristic of this area.

The heart of Sóller is located in the main square of the town, Plaza de la Constitución. This place is full of bars and cafés and has one of the most bountiful buildings of Sóller, the church of Sant Bartomeu. The path that connects Sóller with the port passes through here.

A modern touch to the city is provided by the Banco de Sóller, designed by a follower of Gaudí. Besides this, the cultural interest of this charming Mallorcan city is completed by two great museums: the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences and Can Prunera, a building with an attractive selection of artwork. We must also emphasize the Botanical Garden, where you can find a great variety of plants from the island.

It is a perfect place for people who like to play sports. Hiking enthusiasts can travel the Pedra Route in Sec, which crosses the Serra de Tramuntana.

The biggest influx of people can be found on Saturdays, due to the Sóller market. Throughout the day there is a great bustle of buyers and merchants. Plaza 13 Couture is a unique place to buy fashionable designs, Mallorcan art and hand-painted furniture.

This unique beauty of Sóller invites you to have a holiday property both in the urban area and in its port. Its proximity to the islands capital invites people of all nationalities to settle here. Those who live in the countryside enjoy the beautiful views and tranquility that the place transmits.

The real estate offered here is very diverse, from flats to rustic fincas. In Sóller the zoning regulations have been rigorously respected, this has allowed the city to maintain the essence of “charming town”.

Of course, you’re more likely to find an old building to renovate or an already renovated structure than an empty plot to build your own house from scratch.