Properties for sale in Pollensa

The name of Pollensa (or Pollença) can lead one to confuse this town with the ancient Roman city of Pollentia, located in the municipality of Alcudia, which is considered one of the oldest cities with the longest history of the Spanish Mediterranean. But that municipality has nothing to do with this ancient Roman city in Alcudia.

It is a small city, but one of the most lively and beautiful in the north of Mallorca. It has two features: the marina and the ancient area.

The Plaza Mayor de Pollensa is where the Parish Church of the 18th century is located. The Parish of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles was previously a Greco-Roman temple.

El Calvario not only offers one of the most spectacular views of Pollensa, it is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic places in the city. It is made up by 365 steps and 14 crosses of three meters high, in memory of the ordeal of the Christian tradition suffered by Jesus Christ. It is here where one of the most important events of Mallorcan Holy Week takes place.

In addition to this show, Pollensa celebrates every August 2, the “Mare de Déu del Àngels” festival, an event with all its inhabitants dressed as Moors and Christians.

In the Cloister of Santo Domingo they hold the open-air summer concerts Pollensa Music Festival and the Vi Fair, the largest Mallorcan festival celebrated in spring. There are also other private initiatives such as the Dionís Bennàssar House-Museum, the Martí Vicenç Museum and a wide array of art exhibitions.

Pollensa has always had that cultural vein. Since the early years of the twentieth century, the city has become a place chosen by painters of great prestige like Miguel Costa Llobera, Ramón Picó Campamar, Santiago Rusiñol, Anglada Camarasa, Joaquín Mir and many others. All of them have contributed with their works, both literary and pictorial, to give Pollensa international fame.