So you’re not a spanish resident but are still looking for a way to open a bank account? Opening a bank account in Spain might look very difficult but it’s really not that complicated, if you follow the simple rules banks have for non-residents.

Spanish legislation sets differences between residents and non-residents when it comes to open accounts at banks, foreigners who reside in Spain should present their NIE document to the bank plus the regular requirements to open a bank account.

Step by step

Getting certified

First step you must do to open your bank account in Spain is to obtain and present your No-resident certificate, this is given easily by the spanish state department, there’s two ways to solicit it:

Directly with the bank:

Most banks offer the option to help their potential clients get the no-residence certificate. The cost of this operation is around 15 euros. The bank account will not be active until the bank gets this certificate.

By going to the General Police Department, a police station or the consulate of your country:

The person interested in getting the certificate can apply using just the passport and copy of the passport. Usually the procedure can be resolved within 5 days. Once you get the certificate, you can go to the bank and open the account. This will be cleared for use from that same moment and the client will have immediate access to their funds.

Additional requirements

With your non-resident and passport would be enough to open an account, but it depends on the bank, as some might ask for:

  • Monthly income certification.
  • References from your local bank.

Other things to keep in mind

Some differences might apply if you are, or not a resident, such as

  • Some banks do not offer credit cards to non-residents.
  • For non-residents it is mandatory to renew the non-resident certificate every two years, otherwise, the bank will close the account.

Spanish bank accounts for non residents

Not so long ago in Spain, banks used to have specific bank accounts for non-residents. Today, all those accounts have vanish as all the accounts have been standardised. Residents and non-residents have the chance the same type of accounts. Only a few banks hold some kind of difference, these are a few:

La Caixa

A few years ago, this bank had an special non-residents account called:: Servicuenta Estrella No Residentes. Today that account has disappeared and has been absorbed by the Libreta Estrella.

To open an account in this bank, you would need the NIE document and the ID you have from your home country.

Residents and non-residents have the same rights with these accounts. The maintenance is about 12 euros per month.

More info:

Banco Santander

Just like La Caixa bank, the non-residents only account has vanished from this bank.

Non-residents from Europe will need their personal ID from their home country and the NIF document. Non-European non-residents will need their passport too.

The 1,2,3 Account is an account free of opening charges.

Among the terms to open this account is the domiciliation of at least 600 euros monthly or recurring deposits, having at least 3 service payments made in the last 3 months and a minimum of 6 uses of your cards in the last 3 months.

This account offers a 1% bonus for local taxes and social security, 2% bonus of groceries and protection insurances, 3% of schools, kindergartens, and colleges.

It might reach an annual 3% bonus for daily amounts between 3.000 and 15.000 euros.

1% with amounts between 1.000 and 2.000 euros, and 2% between 2.000 and 3.000 euros.

More info:

Banco Sabadell

This bank offers the opportunity for a non-resident company with financial needs in Spain to open a bank account.

If you’re interested you can contact them via e-mail . You’ll be able to choose between english, german, french and italian for your comfort.

These are some of info you’ll have to provide:

  • Name of the company
  • Social Domicil
  • Commercial activities / Annual facturation
  • Contact info (name, position, email, and phone number.)
  • Area or city in Spain required to the opening of the account.
  • Reasons why you need the account.

More info:

Don’t forget when opening a bank account in Spain

  1. Getting your non-resident certificate
  2. Having your personal ID from your home country
  3. Check if there’s any fees to pay to open the account
  4. Check the maintenance fees

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