What to order at a Majorcan bakery

Majorca has a big bakery tradition, as it is one of the oldest jobs at the island. A great dedication over generations can be seen in the ample variety of sweet and salty products. This craft is influenced by the different traditions of the island, as many recipes are made at time of religious holidays or agricultural seasons.

We can find a lot of salty treats with meat, fish or vegetable toppings and fillings. Also, empanadas, espingadas, cocarrois… A lot of names we need to know in order to decide whether to buy them or not. Majorca has never ceased to be influenced by other cultures, so it is posible to find sweets with arab or jewish traditions, as crespells. 

Other options would be Pa de Figa (Pan de hijo/Son’s bread) a sweet dish served on fig leaves. Almond’s gato, filled fritters, pumpkin tortells, Cabello de Angel, Christmas’ nougat, or any ensaimada.

Every item of this list is a very mallorcan, like the list of mallorcan produtcs (see our article Gastronomy in Majorca) we published before.


Classic mallorcan dessert, these is a dish very well-known worldwide. The traditional recipe is without any filling (ensaimada lisa) but we can find ensaimadas filled with cabello de angel, among others. From cream to chocolate filling, and braided, you can find them all at the island, try them right away!

Every single type of ensaimada is topped with pulverized sugar, except for the Tallades, a special holiday ensaimada, traditionally consumed the last days of the lent.

bakery mallorca

Coca de Trampó

A mallorcan recipe that has expanded itself all over the south of Catalunya and the Valencian community. There is a very vast version of Cocas, with different meats or tuna, even with vegetables.

The true classic Trampo from the island has a base of flour, egg, water, oil, butter and salt dough. The special Trampo mix is made of red peppers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, and olive oil.

This dish can be served as a main course, but sometimes can be found as an entry.

coca mallorca

The cocarrois

A type of empanada. This dish is made out of a thin and rounded dough, filled with vegetables, raisins and pinions. Used to be consumed during the lent. It is believed to have a Jewish origin.

You can find sweet or salty cocarrois, among the salty cocarrois, you can find them filled with vegetables or onions. Sweet cocarrois are available just by adding a little more sugar to the dough at the preparation stage.

cocarrois mallorca

The panades

Another kind of empanada, with as many different fillings as one might want, from chicken, to pork, vegetables or fish… Easter empanadas are filled with lamb.

panades mallorca

The cuartos

Every mallorcan remembers the Cuartos from Ca’n Joan de S’aigo (a very famous bakery) everytime they hear the word. The Cuartos are a gift from God, a true crime to the diet. Soft and spongy cake, very classic mallorcan dessert, right along the ensaimadas. It is not a regular cake, you have to try it!

cuartos mallorca

Brown bread/Majorcan bread

Bread, it is a vital part of the mallorcan diet, whether accompanying some salsa, or to be the protagonist of the dish. The “Pa amb Oli”, mallorcan soups or pancuit wouldn’t exist without it.

It’s a part of the mallorcan tradition, to find the smell of fresh bread coming out of a rustic house… Even if the 50 cent baguette fills the supermarkets, traditional artisanal bread is triumphing. You can find Brown mallorcan bread at all bakery stores at the island, and some supermarkets.

But what’s the difference between typical mallorcan bread and regular bread? Well, it’s the dough, made of flour from the island, known as Xeixa Flour. This bread is basically flour and water. This traditional bread is darker tan usual brown bread, you could have it mixed up with diet bread, and it does not contain any salt.

El pa de figa (Fig bread)

Fig was a part of the rural mallorcan landscape in ways modern mallorcans would not be able to understand. It was so important there was a job specialized on figs. The good ones were given to the people, and the rest, were given to the pigs.

Thanks to that, we have Pa de Figa, or Pan de Higo (Fig bread). It used to be the classic lunch for men working the fields. A piece of mallorcan bread and another of pa de figa was the second most important meal of the day. Was the meal of choice because dry figs are high in energy, and with almonds can be considered a very efficient meal. This was also a way to take advantage of figs that didn’t look as good.

bread mallorca

Gató (almonds cake)

Another mallorcan cake. This dessert is a mix of French and Mallorca cooking traditions, made with almonds. The difference between this and other cakes, is that it does not uses flour. It was a very popular dessert around the XVIII century. If you like sweets but you’re looking for something a little healthier, this could be the best choice, as it is gluten free.

almond mallorca


Ring shaped dessert filled with cream, a real treat for your palate. Very similar to a Roscon de Reyes, because the only filling these have is cream and does not have any fruit decorations on top.

tortell mallorca

8 bakery stores we recommend in Majorca

1. Santo Cristo

Founded in 1910, and decades later, still in bussines. They have become a part of the most emblematic places of Palma de Mallorca. Here you can find all the classic mallorcan desserts. The history of this bakery goes back to 1960, when the bakery was property of two brothers, who had to ask for permission to legally register the name Horno Santo Cristo (holy Christ oven)

santo cristo bakery mallorca

Their specialty is the ensaimadas, but you can find all kinds of products, like empanadas, cocarrois, potatoe coca, or the famous Quely cookies. Sobrasadas are also part of the menu, along with marine salts and typical mallorcan alcoholic drinks.

Address: Calle Paraires 2, Palma.

2. Ca Na Cati

canacati bakery mallorca

You can find a total of 4 Ca Na Cati stores at Palma. Ensaimadas, coques, pies, chocolate crespells, rubiols, cocarrois, suizos, brown bread, llonguets are among the list you’ll have trouble deciding which to take.

Everything is freshly made right on the spot, this bakery has gained recognition thanks to their ample working schedule. Open every day, including weekends and holidays.

Ca Na Cati principal address: Calle Metge Josep Darder 5, Palma.

Other locations:

  1. Calle Sindicat 74, Palma.
  2. Calle Dels Oms 34, Palma.
  3. Plaça de Cort 2, Palma.

3. Fornet de la soca

fornet de la soca bakery mallorca

Traditional mallorcan bakery, leaving behind the bright lights and flashy signs, they stand out for their craft, as they use classic techniques. This bakery focuses on the use of natural procedures, generation-old recipes, using local seasonal ingredients.

Here you will find Coixins imperials, jubenets, or rodonets of Santa Clara (old recipe long lost from new bakeries), ensaimadas, gato embetumat, potatoe coca, cocarrois…!

Address: Calle Sant Jaume, 23. Palma.Islas Baleares

4. Forn de la Pau

forn de la pau bakery mallorca

This bakery still uses the same centenary oven they used when they first opened, almost 500 years of history in that oven. The most emblematic thing at this bakery would be de Llonguet, but they have an ample variety of products, including the classics, coca, empanada, cocarroi… The Cuartos, potatoe cocas and ensaimadas.

Address: Calle La Pau 12, Palma.

5. Forn Fondo

forn fondo bakery mallorca

This oven has been making bread and products since 1742, it’s name is Forn Fondo comes because when they built the bakery, the oven was “at the end of the ground floor”. Famous cream and tuffle cakes, but at this bakery you could also find salty godos as salty cocas, sweet dough cocarrois, robiols and empanadas.

Address: Calle Carrer Unió 15, Palma.

6. Can Pomar

can ponar bakery mallorca

Built in the 1900 by the Pomar family, they have been serving all kinds of products, all artisanal of the best quality. Here you can find all types of breads, cakes, vegetable cocas and specially pies and ensaimadas.

Address: Calle Manacor 3, Palma.

7. Ca´n Bisquerra


As the exception in this list, this bakery is not located in Palma de Mallorca, but at Pollensa municipality. Top 10 finalist on the run for the best ensaimada of Spain 2017. Almost a decade dedicated to the craft of ensaimadas and other bakery products. Pies, empanadas, and a great variety of breads….

Address: Calle Jonquet 49, Pollensa.

8. Rosevelvet

rosevelvet bakery mallorca

Not a bakery, but this place is perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack. Rosa Planisi, the creator of this space, tried to reunite with the advice and teaching her mother gave her and made her bet on Palma de Mallorca. Ideal for a mid-morning snack as well as a mid-afternoon pie piece.

Address: Carretera Missió 15, Palma.

These are the bakeries of Palma de Mallorca that you must try. Can you imagine having an ensaimada of Horno Santo Cristo with the best views of the sea from your house? If the ensaimada already has it we help you to fulfill the dream of having the house of your dreams in front of the sea.

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