Are you in Mallorca and in need for a doctor? Would you like to know all about medical care in Majorca and have a list of public and private hospitals? Keep reading to find out the answers to these questions.

medical care majorca

As a foreign person who just got to Spain you can take advantage of both public and private medical systems. 

Spanish medical system is one of the best of the world

As a picture is worth a thousand words, this table shows in order of greater to less efficiency all the sanitary systems of the world. As can be seen, within the top ten, Spain is in third place below only Hong Kong and Singapore.

medical system-spain
These are the results of a report published in October 2016 by Bloomberg, a US financial software company. It measures the efficiency of health systems under three indicators, the efficiency of health systems under three prisms: life expectancy, health expenditure per capita and relative weight of health expenditure over GDP. 

How to get medical care in Majorca

Public health care system 

In Spain, foreign employees working for a Spanish company and foreign freelancers need to pay taxes and contribute to the Spanish Social Security, these contributions provide them and their families with free or co-paid health care in the same instances of a Spanish citizen

To get a health care system card you need to stop by the nearest health care center, present your residence card, and your social security card if you have it. You’ll then get your health care system card through postal service in a few weeks

If you are a citizen of a country within the European Union you have automatic rights of free healthcare in Spain according to the bilateral treaties among all countries of the EU. Since 2004, the European Healthcare Insurance card simplifies the process of getting medical attention all over Europe. This card has replaced the E111, E111B, E110, E128 and E119 forms.

See below a list of public hospitals in Majorca.

hospitals mallorca

Private health care

Anybody can solicit private medical attention. Companies tend to offer medical and dental attention with discounts if they are solicited together. Prices may vary depending on the gender and age of the patient.

To provide an example, the average price for a 30 year old male starts at €40 a month, and for women is around €50 a monthIn case you are not covered by the social security of your home country or any private medical insurance, you can still get medical attention, but you would have to pay the service yourself entirely. You can definetely trust all related to medical care in Majorca.

See below a list of private hospitals in Majorca.

private hospitals mallorca

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