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The purchase-sale of a property is a complicated process due to all the matters involved and because sometimes we don’t even know they exist or how they function.

Previously in the Dompick blog we talked about the IDUFIR, the cadastral reference and the IBI. All these elements are part of the process of a purchase-sale of a property. However another important figure in this chain is the notary.

Who is the notary?

The figure of the notary is essential and fundamental in the process of buying or selling a home. It’s important to know the functions of this person, their responsibilities and their rights in order to know how this person can help us.

They are public officials of the State and are obliged to provide legal security to their clients. They come from the field of Law, so they can execute any form of it if they are authorized. Everything depends on the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries (DGRN) of the Ministry of Justice.


  • Execute the public faith so that the contract is valid
  • Legal advice
  • Rigorous drafting of documents that contain any legal act and business

7 things you should know before going to the notary

  1. Identify. The first thing before delivering any document to the notary, we have to identify ourselves and all the grantors by means of the ID, passport or resident card.
  2. Be clear about the purpose. Consulting before going to the notary is free. It’s important to be clear about why we are going to go to the notary and what will be useful for us
  3. Have everything negotiated. The notary is responsible for solving the latest requirements, has the duty to verify that everything is legal and write and authorize the public deed. We must go with the prices and/or conditions already agreed upon.
  4. Do not go in a hurry. You can’t run or solve issues in a hurry, there are topics that require a lot of study.
  5. Trust the notary. The notary is a professional who wants to help us solve our problems, it’s advisable to trust their recommendations because this person is prepared to carry out their work.
  6. The clear accounts. It must be borne in mind that all notarial documents have a fixed price established by royal decree. The notary will not charge us more nor do they want to take advantage. Request an invoice and if there’s something you don’t understand, ask.
  7. Rate the product. The notarial deed is a public document with much more value than it’s sometimes given. Legal security is one of the values ​​offered by a notary. The figure of the notary has becoming increasingly prevalent in all countries around us, and the assessment at the European and world level of the work done in a notary is without any doubt excellent.

Other questions

  • In the notary’s office, you don’t only sign. The notary advises you and gives you a document with legal security
  • More than the cost of writing, worry about the tax implications.
  • All notaries provide the same services and have the same costs.
  • If the notary photocopies aren’t valid, only original identity documents are allowed
  • Each copy of a document has its price.

In summary, the notary is a professional whom we must trust and who will advise us and help us to have the papers in order with legal guarantee. If you are thinking of consulting a notary because you are about to buy a house, we can help you. In addition, at Dompick we offer a wide variety of homes with the features that best suit you.

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