Registering a property provides legal security for real estate traffic and protects the registered person. To understand the importance of this document, you need to learn about it. The registration of the property is conceived from three points of view: as a Legal Institution, as an Office and as a Book Set.

property registration

What is it?

It is a public institution where acts that affect property or rights over real estate are registered, regardless of whether they are public or private property. In addition, certain administrative concessions and public domain assets can be registered.

You need to register your property because times have changed. Formerly, people in the area knew the owners of all the lots or houses in the area, but now it’s different. We currently hire, buy and sell properties to people we don’t know, and for that reason we need information about the property and to know their legal situation. For example, the property registration tells us if the house we are going to acquire has a mortgage or doesn’t have one.

Benefits of Property Registration

In Spain, listing in Property Registration is not mandatory. But carrying out this process can offer you a series of benefits that can be useful.

By listing in the Registration, you are automatically recognized as an owner. If you decide to sell the property in the future, the seller will have the information of the situation of the property. In addition, by having your property enrolled in the Registration, we are certain that no one will be able to dispose of it fraudulently.

In addition, when a person has a property but it is not listed in the Property Registration, before making any sales operation, the tract must be restored and the house must be registered with the appropriate name.

In short, the list in the Property Registration will offer the buyer more legal guarantees on the property to be acquired, and in this way you will convey more confidence to the purchaser.

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