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In previous articles we explain the meaning and characteristics of the IDUFIR or CRU or the process to acquire a simple note quickly and easily. In this article we are going to talk about the cadastral reference and what it is for.

What is the cadastral reference?

The cadastral reference is an official and mandatory identifier of real estate. In this case it is an alphanumeric code that is assigned by the Cadastre to be able to place properties without any type of problem in the cadastral cartography.

Thanks to this reference, we know exactly the property involved in a specific legal business (donations, inheritances, buying and selling …), so as not to end up in confusion. It acts as a tool to fight against fraud in the real estate sector.

Likewise, the identification of the cadastral reference in the Property Registration facilitates the physical identification of the property for third parties, while improving the security of real estate transactions.

This identifier is mandatory to have among the documents of the following properties:

  • Public instruments, injunctions and judicial resolutions
  • Records and Administrative Resolutions
  • Documents that record facts, acts or business of real importance relative to the domain and other real rights
  • Contracts of lease of real estate or assignment for any title of the use of the property
  • Contracts of electric power supply
  • Documents in which any alteration of physical, legal or economic order of the real estate is revealed (tax declarations, technical projects, certificates of completion of works, etc.)
  • Private documents that have real estate as their object
  • The cadastral reference must also be listed in the Property Registration

Where to find the cadastral reference

Here we show you the supporting documents where you can find the identification number of the cadastral reference:

  • Electronic Cadastral Certification obtained at the following address:
  • Certificate of the Cadastre issued by its Management
  • Last receipt of the payment of the IBI of that property
  • The certificate received from the City Council
  • Public deeds in which the cadastral reference is indicated

If you want to know the identifier number of any property you can search it in this link .

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