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Majorca is one of the most prepared destinations for foreigners in Spain, due its abundance of high level international schools. We hope you enjoy our article about international schools in Majorca!

School in Spain es mandatory for every resident between 6 and 16 years old. But there are chances you get your 3 or 4 year old child into preschool, and graduating from high school at 18 years old.

You must know that in the Majorcan public schools system, classes are not only taught in Spanish, but Catalan as well.

It is necessary to take time to pick the right school and know it’s availability, because it’s location might influence where you rent or buy a property.

Palma and near by municipalities such a Calvia are the best suited for this, as five of the best international schools of Majorca are located in this area, offering a very complete education in several languages, such as english, german, french, spanish and catalan.

Most of them have a waiting list, the population of each center varies from 350 to 60 students. That’s why it is customary for the schools to run interviews with parents and children, with the requirement of passing a language test to formally apply.

Keep in mind that besides the monthly fee, you would also need to pay a registration fee, books and other necessary materials.

How to choose the best international school in Majorca

Private schools have good reputation, including the international private schools. This good reputation has the price of around 300€ monthly for a Spanish private school and around 900€ monthly for a private international school, depending on the school and the child’s age.

Regular spanish private schools offer the same educative pensum than public schools. The international private schools on the other hand, follow the pensum of their country and offer tests as the IGCSE, A Level or International High School diploma.

Usually, the private schools offer better infrastructure and better extracurricular activities.

According to your child’s age and skills:

  • Preschool: Languages are very important.
  • Elementary school: Languages and school projects. Make sure the school has good internet connection, tablets, computers, make emphasis on learning how to develop projects and online research.
  • High school: the most important thing at this stage would be the educational system. Spanish system is all about memory, the American system is about work and developing skills, and the British system is about teaching knowledge that potentiates the students’ ability to think for themselves.


These schools offer a more flexible educational model, and obvious advantages such as the opportunity for your child to learn more than one language (french, english, russian, chinese…) and the variety of activities.

The chance to mingle with other cultures deeply enriches the students and helps them become more open and tolerant individuals.

Map of the private and international schools in Mallorca

The following is a map with international and private spanish schools. Use your pointer to check the name and address of the school in this map.

List of international schools in Mallorca 


Bellver International College

bellver international college

This is the oldest british school in Spain. Private and mixed, ranging from preschool to high school. Located at 3 kms from Palma de Mallorca, at Cala Fornaris. English is the language in which classes are imparted, students become fluid in both english and spanish. There are also french, german and catalan available.

“We’re a small school with a warm environment combined with high academic aims. Personalized attention to the children and their families”  – Bellver International College


Phone number: 971 40 16 79

Queen’s College

queens college mallorca

Mixed and laic school. It has a population of 370 students between ages 8 and 18. There is a new sports center built a couple of months ago for the students.


Phone number: 971 40 10 11

Agora Portals International School

agora international school mallorca

Mixed school, with classes from kindergarten kids to 18 year olds. For this school, sports are very important and have a sports club with a big variety of choices. Students can engage in multiple activities ranging from soccer to chess.

This school seeks to potentiate intellectual development through creativity and curiosity.

Pilar Fortuny, expert in educative innovation, works this field at this school, and supports this teaching method.

“We work with innovating education and follow the spanish educational system, except for elementary school in which we apply the british system”.

“We make kindergarten kids focus on learning who to think, in Elementary school we put more focus on languages, sports and music, and in high school they have the option to choose between the american or the spanish system”.

The international system offered at this centre is recommended for students with grades higher than 7. It is necessary to highlight the prestige this school has, as it has recived the PISA award for the best academics results of the world.


Phone number: 971 68 40 42

The Academy

the academy school mallorca

Mixed school with a population of 315 students ranging from 2 to 16 years old. Most students are spanish, british or germans, but there are students from every continent.

The admission to this school relies in an interview with the candidate and the parents. English proficiency might be helpful. The lowest acceptable grade to be admitted in this center is a 6.


Phone number: 971 60 50 08

British International Kindergarten

Mixed school with two different campuses:

Sa Porrasa Campus: British system applied, for students 3 to 18 years old. Located at Sa Porrassa, southwest Mallorca.

british kindergarden mallorca

This facility has capacity for 500 students and its defining characteristic is that is its british property, and has british teachers. English, spanish and german are taught in this center.

This school has special areas designated for arts, theatre, music, science and technology with laboratories and an ample cafeteria.

Phone number: 971 13 31 67

San Agustin Campus: This center takes children from 3 to 11 years old. Located in San Agustin, West Palma. Has the same characteristics of Sa Porrasa Campus.

Phone number: 971 40 31 61

To apply for any of these two campuses a personal interview is required. For more information, visit 

King Richard III College

Mixed school with a population ranging from 2 to 18 years old. This school works with students from all over the world, Great Britain, Germany, U.S.A, Russia, Sweden, and Spain, and offers the opportunity to do both the british and spanish system simultaneously

They have a recently renovated kitchen and cafeteria. The school also has individual,  separated spaces designated to practice other activities such as pool, sports and a big theatre. To apply for this school, the candidate must participate in a personal interview and take a test.

King Richard III College is well-known for its theatre productions, attracting not only the school community but also a broad audience from all over the island.


Phone number: 971 67 58 50


Lycée Français from Palma

Mixed school with a population ranging from 2 to 18 years old. At the Lycée Français, students will learn french, spanish, english, catalan and german languages.

This center is divided in Kindergarten, Elementary School and High School. Children will learn french, english and spanish simultaneously starting at 3 years old.

This school does not require interviews or tests to apply. Everybody can register to study at this school, as long as there are openings


Phone number: 971 73 92 60


Deutsche Internationale Schule Mallorca

Mixed school with a population ranging from 2 to 18 year olds, most of them being germans. Mid-level spanish is taught and catalan for about two hours a week.


Phone number: 971 73 37 30

Ecolea Internationale Schule Mallorca

Mixed school with kindergarten, elementary school and high school. This center is focused on german students but also, spanish students who would like to learn the language.

Bilingual teaching and activities focused on sciences are the principal aim of this center, and have cultural exchanges with other european schools.


Phone number: 971 94 70 50


The Swedish School on Mallorca

svenska skolan mallorca

Mixed school directed by a PTA. Takes students of all ages. The school follows the swedish pensum. The principal language here is swedish, but students start the first year with swedish, spanish, and english. Catalan is an optional signature for students with good spanish level.

The principal advantage of this school is the personalized attention for each student, given the groups are usually 10-12 students per classroom.


Phone number: 971 28 23 50

Other private schools 

San Cayetano Centre

Address: Av. Picasso, 21, 07014 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España


Phone number: 971 22 05 75

Luis Vives Centre

Address: Carrer de Sant Joan de la Salle, 5, 07003 Palma, Illes Balears, España


Phone number: 971 29 01 50

Aixa School

Address: Parc Bit, C/Gregorio Mendel, s/n, 07121 Palma de Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Illes Balears, España


Phone number:  971 43 99 54

These are some private schools of Mallorca, these and every other private school has different policies regarding admissions, so we recommend giving them a call.

Keep in mind some of these international schools in Majorca might have a waiting list. Some have admission tests to each class, to determine which would be the best suited classes for each student.

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