Have you ever bought a house and now you see that you have been scammed? Or Have you encountered legal problems when you purchase your home? All these are sensitive issues that should be dealt with by an attorney. In Dompick, we always recommend going to a good attorney when making a property purchase in Mallorca, especially if it is a property. An apartment doesn’t usually involve much difficulty. More than 80% of the properties in Mallorca has some element that is not 100% legal and the attorney won’t be able to advise you.

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An attorney is a person who, having a degree in Law and duly enrolled in the professional association, provides legal services to his clients, through advice and/or assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

Within the legal sector, we can find general lawyers, as well specialists in specific areas of law. To know which lawyer to go when we have legal problems we must know what types of lawyers are and know which one we should go to.

If you really need the intervention of a lawyer to solve our problem, it is the best to be a specialist in the matter that deals with it.

Types of lawyers in Spain

Real estate attorney: In this case, the attorney specializing in real estate law offers legal advice, and deals with the legal implications of real estate developments, whether civil, commercial, registration, contentious or administrative.

It deals with the leasing and purchase-sale of real estate, evictions, mortgage law, real estate taxation or termination of contracts, among others.

Lawyers specializing in criminal law: The criminal lawyers defend accused of committing crimes, such as economic crimes, administrative and political crimes, crimes against property, crimes against public health, traffic crimes, crimes against honor, crimes against intellectual property and crimes against sexual freedom to name few.

Expert lawyers in procedural law: The lawyers that specialize in procedural law deal with arbitrations, appeals for cassation or Amparo, national and international litigation and execution of titles, whether juridical or not.

Lawyers specializing in civil law: it provides legal assistance in civil proceedings before civil courts and tribunals such as inheritance and successions, claims for debts, and incorporation of companies and operations related to them.

Expert lawyers in labor law: The labor lawyer deals with dismissals, quantity claims, mobbing, employment regulations files, work accidents, disability or retirement; as well as conciliations and judicial proceedings.

Family law attorneys: they are responsible for divorces and separations by mutual agreement or marriage annulments, visits regime, custody of minor children, alimony, parental authority, regulatory agreement or compensatory pension, among others.

Lawyers specializing in commercial law: They deals with the restructuring of companies, bankruptcy proceedings, incorporation of companies, as well as modification or extensión thereof, commercial contracts or representation of shareholders at meetings.

Steps to follow to hire a lawyer

  1. Experience is a factor that will give you important criteria when you choose a lawyer. The experience that a collegiate may have on a specific specialty could be an important factor for the success or failure of your particular case.
  2. The recommendations of personal and professional contacts are always welcome. The fact that the lawyer is recommended by a contact in our personal network is an important factor when deciding to hire a lawyer. The recommendations will provide us objective information about the lawyer that we are planning to hire.
  3. The trust is a fundamental value of choosing a lawyer. When seeking legal advice you will expose your problem and blindly trust your lawyer for your defense. You must share personal and probably confidential information.
  4. Fees are one of the fundamental factors for choosing a lawyer since everything goes in relation to the budget that we have. However, if we had to choose between several lawyers and all offer a similar budget, it is the best to choose the one that you have recommended or the one that has more experience. It is very common in Mallorca that the lawyers charge 1% of the purchase price as fees.

Attorneys in Mallorca

Forbes, which is the magazine that creates the <<ranking>> of the greatest fortunes of the planet, published a list of the most important lawyers and law firms in Spain. In fact, Spain has more than 130,000 lawyers in practice in small and large firms and multinationals.

Within this list, in the sixth place is Deloitte Abogados. It was founded in 1833 and has a presence in 140 countries. With 600 professionals at your service, Deloitte has 20 offices in Spain, one of them in Palma de Mallorca.

This article helps you to know which lawyer to turn to. We show you some of the lawyers you can go to. We show you some lawyers you can go to in Mallorca depending on your need.

Map of lawyers in Mallorca

If you are looking for a lawyer, contact us and we will send you a list of experienced lawyers in Majorca.

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