The furniture sector in Spain doesn’t stop increasing production and employment, after almost one decade of adjustments. In these moments, according to the latest data of the study carried out by “La industria del mueble en España” edited by AIDIMME, this sector is in one of its best moments.

Only in Spain, the furniture sale is 3,000 million euros per year. In the last two years, furniture production grew above the evolution of GDP, according to “La industria del mueble en España”. The turnover of 2015 reached 3,991 million euro and employment grew by 3.1%.

furniture spain

The ranking of the best-selling furniture products includes, for example (in weight order) chairs, desks, bookcases, shelves, beds, stools, wardrobes, box springs, poufs, televisión furniture, and nightstands.

Online furniture

In recent years, the online-furniture supply has been increasing. The consumer of these online products has clear that it is a very comfortable way to decorate his house because the furniture comes to the house.

This is an advantage because in this way the shopper doesn’t have to drag the furniture to the door of his house. And not only for this the network also offers the possibility to compare prices and products from different stores more quickly.

Each time the supply is wider. Most of the online clients use the internet platform for buying furniture for their living room and their bedroom. However, a small part of the online shoppers uses this option to decorate its workspace.

Online furniture stores

Decorate your soul: In the website, you will find one of those stores that shine for their originality. Modern furniture, between the Nordic and the vintage, which has become one of the pleasant surprises of the sector.

Portobello Street: Enter if you have a colonial style, this store is perfect for you. It has a section of bargains where you can save up to 60% of the price of the furniture.

Classicon Shop: For the most classic is It is a high-end designer store.

La Decoradora:  On its website you can find original pieces and vintage accessories brought from around the world; offers decoration services for those who want to see more combinations.

Ottoyanna: This store goes beyond. At, as well as a place where you can buy furniture and accessories, “it represents a new concept of life, in which design and sustainability are integrated”.

Mimub: In you can find the best products at very competitive prices, with discounts of up to 70%. It is a private club selling furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories that allow you to buy comfortably.

Furniture stores in Mallorca

Below we show a map with 14 furniture stores that you can find in Mallorca. There are from affordable stores, like the furniture you can find in Outlet Hogar, to high-end design furniture store like Muebles Nicolau, which is a store with personalized advice and styles that range from the modern to rustic contemporary.


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