One more attraction of the island of Mallorca is its monumental churches; architectural works of great scope and religious value that you cannot miss if you are on the island. Enjoy its history and art. It’s a good idea to include them in the itinerary of your trip. After the article of what to see in Mallorca, here we expand all the alternatives we offered.

Cathedral of Santa María in Palma de Mallorca

The most important and well-known of Mallorca. Born in the Gothic period, the Cathedral of Mallorca is also known as the Cathedral of Santa María de Palma de Mallorca. We could said that it’s one of the most beautiful monuments of the city.

The main entrance of this building is located overlooking the sea. It was built in the old town of Palma, next to the Almudaina Palace. In its interior it lodges three ships, one of them hosts the chapel of the Trinidad (where they are the rest of the kings Jaime II and Jaime III).

In addition, this construction has the Puerta Mayor and the Mirador, located to the South and adorned with sculptures of the famous Guillermo Sagrera. Along with these sculptures, another striking aspect is its vegetal decoration. Finally, in the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, there are the stained glass and furnishings by Miquel Barceló or the N’Eloi bell, which are more than 2 meters in diameter.

Basilica of Sant Francesc

It’s the home of the Franciscan order of the island. The Basilica of Sant Francesc was built in the splendor of Gothic art and this is why you can appreciate the most representative qualities of this artistic period.

It’s a main nave with apsidal chapels that make up this building which emerged in the period of Jaime I. A square-shaped plant contains a mausoleum inside dedicated to the most influential families of Mallorcan history.

It has a Gothic and Baroque influence, which as a whole take us back to the medieval past of the island with burial themes such as that of Blessed Ramon Llull, the wood chairs of Macià Bonafà, Joan Desí’s altarpiece, and the capital figures of the Mare of Déu del Llamp or the Virgin of Gabriel Mòger junior, which emerged in the sixteenth century.

Parish of San Miquel

This parish is one of the oldest parish churches in Mallorca. Its name comes from a legend where San Miguel accompanied the Christians to stop the assault on the city. In this way, he received the name of the archangel and underwent a modification in 1930 that brought him new gothic associations.

Currently, the parish has a carved portal, work of the sculptor Pere Sant Joan and highlights a sculpture of Saint Michael of the eighteenth century, the bell tower and one of the most popular Marian images of all Palma inside the church: The Mare de Déu de la Salut. It’s also important to highlight the tabernacle of this building, object of constant visits by tourists and devoted fans.

Part of the decoration of the parish is work of many important authors such as those made by the sculptor Francisco de Herrera or the painting of Jaume Morey, on top of the vault of the presbyter.

Church of Santa Eulalia

This monument was considered since 1931 an Asset of Cultural Interest by the government and Historical Heritage of Spain. The Church of Santa Eulalia appears as a temple, which is a must for any tourist who pass through the island. It is famous for a historical passage of the region that took place in it, the coronation of Jaime II in 1276 as monarch of the Kingdom of Mallorca.

In the architectonic plane, they emphasize the three ships that constitute the construction, a central one of greater height and two complementary to each side. The whole culminates with a 19th century bell tower. In a cluster of terraces that surround the church, there are typical images of the Middle Ages like dragons, basilisks and gargoyles.

The high altar provides a deep baroque style, as do the chapels of the Holy Christ of the Conquest, Santa Catalina and the Pieta of Christ.

Church of Santa Magdalena

The Church of Santa Magdalena went from being a hospital in the fourteenth century to to the home of Augustinian canonical nuns of Santa Maria Magdalena, whom nowadays sell sweets made in the church, and among which stand out Santa Magdalena pastries, cinnamon cookies, ice creams, and donuts.

As for the design of the construction, the influence of Gothic art is undoubted. Very noticeable in some medieval works such as the altarpiece of Santa Magdalena, fruit of the artist Francesc Comes and composed of a central table, the lateral tables and the central pinnacle, conceived by Joan Daurer at the highest point of the influence of Mallorcan Gothic art around of the fourteenth century.

We must also mention the table of Santa Helena, Rafel Mòger, and a smaller altarpiece dedicated to San Juan, San Miguel and the Virgin herself.

Hermitages of Mallorca

Mallorca is an island that has many hermitages in towns and mountains. For this reason, another good excursion for a weekend of healthy fun is to visit one of the many hermitages that are in Majorca camouflaged among the great vegetation of the island.

In previous articles such as “excursions to do in Mallorca” we talked about the possibility of doing one of the many hiking routes to know every corner of the Sierra Tramontana on the island.

Meet the six most characteristic hermitages of Mallorca, in addition to spending a good day outdoors, you will enjoy the beautiful views of each of these hermitages.

Hermitage of Santa Magdalena

Puig de Santa Magdalena and its Hermitage are located at 287 meters above sea level. This is a natural area of ​​special interest in the Inca zone from which we can contemplate an incredible panorama of Mallorca.

Hermitage of Crestatx

The Oratory of Crestatx is located at the exit of Sa Pobla towards Pollença, a small hermitage of the XIII century. This construction no longer exists as it was built again in 1820.

Hermitage of Betlem

The Hermitage of Betlem is located in the area of ​​Arta and to get there you have to make a hike up the Sierra de Levante. As you go up by car you see the beginning of this route.

Hermitage of Maristel

15km from Palma de Mallorca is the beautiful village of Esporles, in the Sierra de Tramuntana with beautiful landscapes. Many excursion routes depart from here.

Hermitage og Portals

The Ermita de Portals also known as the Oratory of Portals is located in this tourist town of Calviá, where there is also a marina with the same name.

The surroundings of this chapel have a beach and a wide variety of shops and restaurants to enjoy the most elegant tourism in the area. It’s located on a large hill and it has exclusive an exclusive view.

Hermitage of Bonany

The Hermitage of Bonany is located in Petra, village of Pla de la Mancomunitat de Mallorca.

After knowing the most striking churches of Mallorca, for its architectural structures and its history, it is time to visit them in person. If you are also looking for a house in Mallorca, at Dompick we help you. We find the perfect home for your family.

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