The Balearic Islands, like the rest of the Spanish autonomous communities, has its own labor calendar that shows the holidays of the community in which Mallorca is included.

The Labor Calendar is the calendar in which the holiday and working days are established annually, such as the annual holiday, summer, Christmas or Holy Week periods.

Depending on this calendar, the monthly and annual work hours vary. For example, in 2018, the citizens of the Balearic Islands will enjoy 15 days of celebration throughout the year, adding the national, the autonomic and the local ones.

It is helpful to be aware of the holidays on the island so we’re not running into closed stores. To make sure, it is helpful to look at the local festivals of where we are or where we will travel.

As for local festivals, the City Council of Palma celebrates on January 20, the feast of Saint Sebastian, patron saint of the city, and on December 26, Saint Esteve or the second Christmas party.

The holidays are established in each autonomous community, but there are other festive days that are determined by each locality. These are the holidays on the whole island of Mallorca and it affects all the towns of the island.

Holidays in Mallorca

Holidays in Mallorca Palma Calvia Manacor Marratxi, Lucmajor, Inca

To the previous list of parties on the island, we must add the holidays of each town, which each add a few different days.

Holidays in the municipalities of Mallorca

The list of holidays in the different municipalities of Mallorca is very extensive, therefore, the following list shows the holidays of the 6 largest towns on the island.

 For the extension of these municipalities, there are a large number of shops that keep their doors closed on holidays, making it impossible to purchase or look at any store.

Holidays in Mallorca

Despite the festivity, the owners of small shops in Mallorca are aware of the large influx of tourists they have on holidays. Therefore, it is likely to find a few stores open these days, unlike other businesses such as some supermarket chains, clothing store chains or real estate.

If you catch one of these days by surprise and it ruins some of the plans you made, here we offer some alternatives.

Plans to do on holidays

It is always a good option to take a walk around the capital of the island. Palma de Mallorca is a great city that offers a great variance of plans and activities to do during the holidays.

The Cathedral of Palma is a private place and is open to visitors only on the hours established by the cathedral. Even so, it’s free to appreciate the beauty of its exterior architecture any day of the year. In addition, it is always a good option to continue strolling through the old town of Palma and enjoy its narrow streets or Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Another option, for example, is to make a tourist route through the different small and charming towns of the area. The municipalities of Pollença, Sóller, Denia or Andratx have a special charm, walking through its streets and enjoying its landscapes is an excellent plan to spend an entertaining day.

Strolling by land or by sand, the beaches of Mallorca with crystal clear water are spectacular. The geographical diversity of the island offers completely different coasts, the flatter beaches of calm sea are in the East, while the steeper ones with their spectacular cliffs border the Western area, in the Sierra de Tramontana. However if you are a mountain person, the island offers several established and safe mountain routes to spend an unforgettable day outdoors.

After so much activity you will have a big appetite. Mallorca is also characterized by its wide and varied gastronomy. The good thing about restaurants is that they don’t usually close to the public on holidays, so it is a good option to try some of these typical Mallorcan products as we discussed in the “Gastronomy of Mallorca” article (link).

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