Making the purchase of a property or receiving an inheritance can become a stormy process. Obtaining property registration, knowing the cadastral reference or obtaining the IDUFIR or CRU of the property you have just acquired are some of the steps that must be carried out.

To bring everything up to date it is necessary to know the meaning of all these terms, and at Dompick we help you. In this article we explain what the IDUFIR or CRU is, what it is for and how it is obtained.

What is the IDUFIR or CRU

The IDUFIR, also called “unique identifier of registry properties”, is the only identifier and invariable in time for all the registry lots that belong to all the Property Registries of Spanish territory.

The IDUFIR is the predecessor of the CRU (Unique Registration Code), which was created in 2008 by the College of Registrars, with the intention of using it as the DNI of a lot.

The IDUFIR or CRU has the following characteristics:

  • It is the DNI of the registry lots.
  • Each lot registered in all the records of Spain has one.
  • It never repeats itself and is invariable.
  • It can not be chosen, it is created in an automated way.
  • It appears in the documents that are generated by the records (simple notes, certifications …)
  • To know it, it is necessary to generate a prior request.
  • With the IDUFIR it is enough to obtain notes on any lot.

Composition of the IDUFIR or CRU

The code of IDUFIR or CRU is composed of 14 digits where the first five numbers identify the record and then several zeros follow.

For example, we analyze the IDUFIR or CRU: 28100000123456

  • The 28: is the number that indicates the province where the property is located.
  • The 100: this number corresponds to the Madrid Registry
  • The rest of the numbers properly define the farm within the Registry.

How to get the IDUFIR or CRU

The code is acquired in the Property Registry, in a simple note or in a certificate, to identify the property without any error, as may occur when requesting the cadastral reference in the General Directorate of Cadastre.

This code is located in the simple note, at the top, next to the description of the lot. It will always be indicated with the acronym IDUFIR or CRU, so it is not difficult to find out.

Simple note

A simple note is a document issued by the Property Registries with the intention of reporting the legal status of a property. It provides brief and concise information about the property: description, owners, rights, charges …

As we said, it is the most common document to consult the status of charges or ownership of a lot. It has merely informative value and does not certify its content.

The request for a simple note to obtain the IDUFIR or CRU, can be made by any natural or legal person who has an interest in knowing the situation of their property.

If you need to acquire your IDUFIR or CRU code, in this address you can request a simple note to acquire the IDUFIR or CRU code:

Problems with the IDUFIR OR CRU

The problems we can face when figuring out our IDUFIR or CRU code will be of a practical nature, preceded by the implementation of the new criteria in the registers, in order to interrelate some lots with others, scanning problems and / or adaptation of programs.

It is necessary that the person who identifies the fine by means of the fourteen digits of the CRU, accompanies the description with some additional information to avoid that, after carrying out the work, it is not really the property that is wanted to be registered and then it is impossible to find it by a mistake in the digit.

This code takes little time, it is a recent procedure, and its procedure is still being finalized. It may happen that years ago you asked for a simple note of your property and you did not receive the indicated IDUFIR or CRU. To solve it you should only request an update of the simple note of your property, and in this way the Property Registry will incorporate the IDUFIR or CRU in the necessary document.

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