The island of Mallorca is a paradise on earth that many people from around the world visit it.  In just six years, Mallorca has doubled its tourism.

In just ten years, Mallorca’s annual tourist rate increased from 5.9 million per year to 10.9 million tourists that are travelers wanting to go to the beach, when the population barely grew and at that time it was 51,950 inhabitants.

Tourism Law in the Balearic Islands

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, the Decree-Law 6/2017 of the reform of the previous law on the tourist stays in housing was approved. This measure implies immediacy of the application of the law, having started at the time of writing, the sanctions applied to owners and a period of 15 days for digital platforms to adjust to the new measures.

The new text aims to fight against the offer of illegal accommodation and limit the role of holiday rentals in the Balearic Islands. The rise in rental prices and illegal offer are some reasons that have helped the imposition of this law.

This reform brings some novelties such as the prohibition of using second homes as vacation rentals, also limiting the rental period to 60 days a year and a 12-month moratorium. These are some measures that have been taken to fight the excessive increase of tourism on the island.

Until now, the holiday rental was limited by single-family homes, leaving all the apartments out of tourist regulation.

The regulation also allows that the authorities to act against the illegal housing, the fines for promoting a house without a license could rise to 40,000 euros. During this time, it is intended that municipalities develop timely tourism planning to determine the selected areas to settle holiday houses on the islands.     

The housing register is obligatory to obtain licenses that enable the activity of holiday accommodation. However, the granting of licenses was stopped and subject to exchange of tourist places between holiday homes that remain exclusive of the single-family and semi-detached houses.

Vacation rental websites in Mallorca

If you are thinking of coming to Mallorca to enjoy your holidays, you will find many websites where you can find a holiday house or an apartment for those days. Also, on those websites, you can offer your house for holiday rental.

We show you a list of 100% websites where you can find a wide range of holiday apartments. You can post on those websites your house and they will take care of cleaning, the contract with the guests, checking-out, or leave it in hands of agencies like us.

In Dompick, we help you to find the house that best suits your needs because if you came a few days to Mallorca you will want to stay much longer.


The company that started it was founded in August 2008 in San Francisco, California and its website has more than one million ads worldwide. It offers accommodation in 34,000 locations in 190 countries.

The traveler can see the availability of the house, contact the owner, confirm the dates, and pay through the Airbnb, so there is no bargaining or discussion at the place of destination. Both the client and the owner value their stay later.



It offers more than 360,000 properties in 20,000 destinations. It is another big company that was founded in 2010 and specialized in-house rentals. It works as follow: we choose a house and send an email to the owner to check the actual availability. Then, the owner contacts us in one or two days, and if your proposal is approved, we will approve the reservation.

The bank details are delivered at that time, but the owner will not charge until we arrive at the house and verify that the apartment corresponds to the ad and there isn’t any problem with it. If there were any problem, we could request a change of apartment at any moment, without having paid.



It was founded in 2003. They work for professionals (agencies or real estate) and for individuals. In principle, they specialize in European cities (for example: in Paris, they have almost 900 apartments), but in recent times they have turned to beach areas.

Among its advantages, this website has a tool that facilities immediate booking, without having to wait for a response from the owner. Only-apartments charge its commission in that reserve. The total payment will be delivered later to the owner of the apartment.



In the Spanish website of this multinational company, which was founded in 2005, have more than 52,000 ads for house rentals in Spain, and more than 667,000 in 161 countries. It has luxury houses, chalets with swimming pool, charming rural houses, apartments…

It offers many types of properties such as the Top Rural houses, which are part of the company since 2012. The payment form is agreed with the owner, but it is not done through the website.



Each partner of this website includes its house in the database and pays a fee of 130 euros per year. With this fee, you can make as many exchanges as you want.

In Spain, they have 3,700 houses, and around the world about 65,000 houses. is a Spanish version of the international website



It is promoted as the first online exchange platform for shared apartments rooms. This website puts its users in contact with who they want to change their room during few days, weekends, holidays or events.

From rooms in shared houses, small studios and apartments to rented spaces as Campus residences. They have two types of subscription, a free subscription for a limited time and a subscription with greater visibility and an annual fee of 49 euros.



A Collaborative consumption company. Its members host other members in their own houses to earn accommodation nights and then spend them on the thousands of houses available within the community.

Furthermore, for the hosts of the leading holiday rental websites such as Airbnb, Wimdu, Rentalia, HomeAway, House Trip, and 9flats, and so on, MyTwinPlace developed a tech that allows them to import all the information and synchronize their profiles at once.



This website belongs to the well-known idealist real-estate website. In this website, you can find a beach or rural houses. It has more than 40,00 accommodations in Spain, Italia, Portugal, Croatia, and Andorra.



The hotelier Kike Sarasola, which is the creator of the Room Mate, aims to combine the offer of high-quality apartments, careful design and good standing with some hotel services. They started less than a year ago, and they grow so quickly that they just bought Alterkeys, which is one of the biggest holiday rental platforms in Europe.



Niumba was founded in 2005. Since 2013, its owner is TripAdvisor. On the website, it is mixed the house owners of both websites for free or with a fee that offers more visibility.

The opinions of travelers are essential because this website bases its popularity on the millions of comments posted by its users.


Vacation Rentals Mallorca

They have a complete team made up of Mallorcan, young and enterprising people that are looking for Mallorcan owners who are thinking of renting their houses during the holiday season in order to maximize the profitability of their properties.


If you have a house and want to rent it in Dompick, we can help you. Contact us and don’t worry about it. We take care of managing the rent. On the other hand, if you are looking for a property for sale with a license, in Dompick we can also help you.

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