The municipality of Alcúdia is located to the north of the island of Mallorca and has a population of about 20,000 inhabitants. It is located 60 km away from the capital of Palma de Mallorca, and this municipality has a great history, culture, and gastronomy that you should know.

After Mallorca was incorporated into the Crown of Aragon, King Jaime I divided the island into eight parts. Four of them were in the hands of this King and the rest were the prize for the nobles who had helped in the conquest. Alcúdia was within the territories that belonged to King Jaime I.

A curious fact of this municipality is its commitment that it has with the environment. In 1994, the City Council of Alcúdia gives the concession of an “Ecotourism distinctive” as recognition of those tourism establishments that respect the environment.

The main objective of this campaign is to stimulate the tourism industry to protect the environment by awarding its distinctive environmental quality. Therefore, the tourism establishments of Alcúdia must accomplish a regulation, which includes the commitment to reduce waste, to make selective garbage collection, to use recycled materials and biological products, to save on electricity and water consumption, and so on.

The old quarter of Alcúdia

The historical city of Alcúdia is the nucleus of the municipality of Alcúdia. Within the medieval city it has been inhabited for centuries and even today it is one of the most important population points. And it is true that the walled city of Alcúdia has become too small for all inhabitants who reside there.

In this area, you can take a historical tour to discover the different walls, doors, and churches.

  • Doors of the Alcúdia’s wall: Originally, there were three, the Porta des Moll or Xara, the Porta de Mallorca or Sant Sebastià and the Porta de la Vila Roja.  It highlights the door of Mallorca (the two towers were joined by the great arch portal) or the Porta des Moll, which is not attached to walls and that shows us the portcullis.
  • Church of Sant Jaume: The architect Joaquín de Pavia designed the church in Gothic style following the historicist criteria that marked the era. It is a single nave building covered with a ribbed vault of pointed arches and side chapels.

playa alcudia puerto

  • Capilla de Sant Cristo: Its luminosity gives it a  unique character. The Altar Mallorca in the Gothic style is presided over by the image of Santiago Apostle (Sant Jaume) and on the right of the nave, in its side chapel, there is the image of the Holy Christ of Alcudia, the image most venerated by the inhabitants of this town.

Near these two religious monuments, there is the Parish Museum where a sample of religious art is offered with pieces of sculpture, painting, ashlars, and chasubles from other eras.

Within this historical center is the Roman City of Pollentia, with its spectacular Forum and Theater.

Alcúdia´s beaches

It has more than 30 kilometers of coastline, where there are beautiful sandy beaches, steep cliffs, and hidden beautiful coves. In particular, the Bay of Alcúdia stands out.

The Alcúdia’s beach or “Playa del Puerto de Alcúdia” is more than two kilometers long and fifty meters wide. The absence of tall buildings and the presence of maritime pines and palm trees make it an authentic natural beauty.

The Alcanada Beach is also one of the most outstanding beaches of the municipality. It has ridged sand and a length of two hundred meters; the most characteristic feature is the small island of Alcanada, with its lighthouse, which can be reached by walking or swimming because it has shallow water.

The beach of Alcanada is covered by small boulders with fine sand on the seabed, and it is surrounded by pine trees in a natural environment next to the urbanization of Alcanada.

In front of this beach, which is 200 m long and 15 m wide,  there is the small island of Alcanada with a lighthouse at 140 m from the coast, which can be accessed by swimming or walking, because the depth is only 150 cm.

Natural parks

In Alcudia, there are wonderful nature reserves and protected areas, which include “Área Protegida de la Victoria” that is located on the peninsula that separates the two bays and in which its mountains and peaks stand out: Puig de la Victoria, Puig del Romaní… And especially, the Penya del Midgia, which is a huge rock located in the sea, which separates the two areas.

Another park is the Parque Natural de L’Albufera, a wet area formed by a lagoon independent from the Bay of Alcúdia because it is an area of dunes that is 8 km long. The Reserva Natural S’Albufereta is a meeting point for migratory birds, which makes it a point of interest for observation.

There are plots, where you can feel and breathe the authentic nature of the municipality of Alcúdia, and people can go and register to take a tour.

Theme parks

If you want to have fun splashing to escape the heat, water parks are the best option.

Alcúdia Hidropark is a water park that is located in this municipality. It gives the possibility to all the inhabitants of the northern area to have a small oasis of fun near their homes.

It has 15 slides and 5 pools to have fun in the water and lots of entertainment for the kids, including the Super Golf with 18 holes, paintball and giant floats (the latter has an extra cost).

You have to take into account its opening hours. The park opens its door from May 1, until October 31.

The prices for adults and children over 11 years of age are approx. 22€. For children from 3 to 11 years of age, the price is 16€, and admission is free for children under 3 years of age.

For more information go to their website: www.alcudia-waterpark.com

Other points of interest

Alcúdia has more places to have fun. There are other points of interest in this municipality that you want to know:

  • Alcúdia’s market: Every Tuesday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Alcúdia’s market opens its doors. It is located in the same historical center of this municipality. It is a good place where you can buy typical products of the island, sausages, fruits, and vegetables, as well as crafts, souvenirs, footwear, and clothing. Not only in Alcúdia you can enjoy a good market, in another article of Dompick we show you all the markets that can be enjoyed on the island.
  • Alcúdia’s auditorium: It is considered one of the most important architectural works of the 21 century in Mallorca. It combines a design of simple forms with pure materials such as glass, concrete, wood or stainless steel. It is used for all kinds of cultural activities and also an enclosure for event and congresses. It is located in Plaça de la Porta de Mallorca.
  • Cycle-touring routes: If you are a sports fan, you can travel Alcúdia by bicycle in the beach and in the mountains. The Mallorca Triatlón Highlight, Ironman Thomas Cook or Sa Trencagarrons, and the cyclist climb to the highest point of the island are some of the cycling events that are held in Mallorca and Alcúdia is one of the important points of the route. You can enjoy these four routes that we propose:
  • Alcúdia – Bahía de Pollença – Formentor : Distance: 60 kilometers. Round trip.
  • Alcúdia – Parque Natural de S’Albufera: Distance: 30 kilometers.
  • Alcúdia – Artà – Calas noreste de Mallorca: Distance: 100 kilometers. Round trip.
  • Alcúdia – Bahía de Pollença – Pollença – Lluc – Selva- Caimari – Sa Pobla – Alcúdia: Distance: 90 kilometers. Round trip.
  • Golf Course: Golf has become one of the most demanded sports in Mallorca. Visitors to the island are fascinated by their excellent facilities and fields. In Alcúdia, there is the Golf Alcanada, an 18-hole golf course with all the services to enjoy this sport throughout the year. It is located in the Crta. Del Far s/n. Zip code: 07410. Port d’Alcúdia. In Dompick, we show you all the golf courses that you can find on the island and we tell you how to get there.

This small town has many amazing places. Come to know it and if you are interested in buying your home near this area, or anywhere on the island of Mallorca, please contact Dompick. We can help you to find your dream house.

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