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Majorca’s gastronomy is very ample and varied, but not so well known by the rest of the spaniards who live at the peninsula. The richness of it relays on the privileged geographic situation of the island, between two continents, and between multiple cultures and populations who have made the island their homes with time.

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Geographical diversity also plays a big role. Majorca is divided in 3 parts: The Tramontana mountain range, The Levante mountain range and plain between them. The cultivation of vegetables and cereals, and the breeding of pigs complements the fishing of the coastal area.

Fish has not always been that important in the mallorcan diet, since the XVII and XIX century, its consumption has been limited to Easter. In the present day, famous Majorcan soups are elaborated with more than 60 varieties of autochthonous fish, rice, espinagada and a great variety of empanadas.

Pork is the star in Mallorca. The killing of the pigs are very important at the island, as the whole pig must be used and that allows the creation of different inlays, like majorcan botifarra, sobrasada or Camaiot. Majorcan frit is elaborated with fried viscera of the pork.

At last, this island carries a long baker and pastry tradition, one of the most ancient jobs in Spain. A big chunk of the island’s ovens have over 200 years.

Majorcan frit (“Frito mallorquín”)

The most referential dish of majorcan cuisine. One of the oldest recipes of the island. Since XIV this dish has been prepared in every kitchen in the island, with different vegetables according to the season.

A classic Majorcan Frit would be made of pork lean meat (or lamb), liver, potatoes, red peppers, chives, fennel, peas, garlic, salt and olive oil. It can also be made with fish, or just with vegetables.

A classic recommendation is to use fresh herbs –if in season- to the dish a special touch. If you like spicy food, you can add peppers. This is a dish traditionally used for lunch or dinner at different celebrations, holidays and popular events.

Majorcan snails (“caracoles”)

This is the classic marine dish. Made out of soup and potatoes. For the soup, parsley, garlic, fennel, peppermint, and chilli are used. For the preparation of the potatoes, we use onions, tomatoes, oil, salt and pepper.

This would be the perfect combination and you could accompany it with ali I oli for the final touch.

Arròs Brut

Usually this is the main dish of certain holidays, composed of a very tasty soup-like rice, with different meat varieties, specially pork, hare, squab, and maybe some rabbit, chicken, quail, duck… along with vegetables and mushrooms that may vary according to the season.

The root of the name comes because of its dark appearance, given by the cinnamon, the pepper and other spices. Rabbit liver is added at the end, hence the “brut” or “cloudy”.


Majorcan tumbet is a dish that comes from the same family as Pisto or Samfaina (both fried vegetables dishes). The main difference from them is use of the potato and all the ingredients are fried separately. To finish the dish, it is baked and formed into a sort of cake of vegetables and tomatoes.


This is a dish with a lot of history, as it goes back to the Sant Antoni Abat holidays, the most popular holiday of Palma de Mallorca, and it’s the result of the Christianization of certain roman festivities and it’s celebrated all over the island. This dish is similar to an empanada with a very particular filling.

The classic espinagadas are made of spinach and eel, but we can find espinagadas filled with all kinds of vegetables and meats.

Majorcan soups (“sopes mallorquines”)

This is the best choice to taste test seasonal vegetal produce. Healthy and simple. Besides, it might contain a variety of meats, mushrooms and vegetables.

First step of the preparation is the sauté of the onion and peppers in a ceramic pot. After that, the rest of the vegetables must be added in medium size pieces. Patience is recommended as you’d have to wait until the vegetables reach the soft point. The last step will be adding some bread to absorb some of the soup, let it rest and enjoy it.

Classic Beverages

Herb beverages: A mix of herbs, water, alcohol and a spirit. There are 3 kind of herbs: sweets, dry, and mixed.

Palo: Dark colored, high density liqueur with a very distinct aroma, born in the island at the half of the XIX century. It’s made out of *quina, genciana, and caramelized sugar.

*Tree bark, with different substances, as the quinina, which gives it a bitter taste.

Mesclat: Another classic mallorcan beverage, finally El Palo is an aromatic liquour with licorice taste, a lot of people mix it with siphon.

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