It is impossible to get bored in Mallorca. There are many activities to do on the island, from hiking and discovering every corner of the island, to water activities. All these excursions will show you all the corners of Mallorca.

Excursions are a great way to get to know the island other than the usual beach plan, popular among visitors. The places we mention below are surprising and will not leave you disappointed if you decide to visit them.

Although in previous articles we talked about activities in specific municipalities like (attach) what to do in Pollensa or what to do in Alcudia, here we put together a long list of excursions that can be done if you travel to Mallorca.

The island of Mallorca is a touristic icon in Spain, and here you will discover why. Whether you like to have your feet on the ground, or like being closer to the sea, here you can discover the excursions in Mallorca.

Excursions in Mallorca by land

Caves of Drach

It is one of the most typical excursions on the island. The famous caves with their stalactites and stalagmites, are one of the most admired natural spectacles in Spain. They are near Manacor. Inside, there are dozens of galleries, a lake that can be crossed by boat and even classical music concerts.

Bellver Castle

Its name comes from the Catalan “beautiful views”, and could not have received a better name. Its location is excellent, on the top of a hill West of Palma and surrounded by a pine forest.

There are several options for climbing. Bellver Castle is one of the sixteen stops along the bus routes that take tourists to the most interesting places in Palma, . You can also take a public bus but it does not leave you in the same castle and you must walk several meters to the top. You can also access by car as there is spacious parking next to the castle.

The 360 ​​degree panoramic view from the castle includes the Bay of Palma and the Tramuntana, the 90km Mallorcan mountain range. This is one of the main points of interest in Palma since it is the only castle in Spain with a circular shape. It was built in the 14th century as a fort and is a masterpiece of Gothic-Catalan architecture.


In the Plaza de España, in Palma, you can get on the old wooden train to the city of Sóller which departs five times a day throughout the year. While the brass and mahogany cars rattle along the road, you can admire the breathtaking Mallorcan landscapes. After visiting Sóller, we recommend that you ride on the only tram that runs on the island which will take you to the Port de Sóller. You can take a bath and eat there. Take the tram and the train again for a pleasant way back to Palma.

The trains depart six times a day from Palma in Summer (four times in Winter) and five times a day from Sóller. Enter trendesoller.com.

Majorica Pearl Factory

Here you will discover some of the best attractions of Mallorca on a day trip to the Majorica pearl factory. Head to the city of Manacor to discover how the famous Majorica pearls are made.

Generation after generation the master craftsmen have managed to reproduce the iridescence, the color and the shine of the most beautiful natural pearls through the use of marine organic elements. Moreover, Majorica pearls are much more affordable than other natural pearls. Majorica pearls follow a strict quality control; each pearl must pass 25 rigorous quality control tests and the result is much more than a pearl.

Excursions in Mallorca by sea

Cabrera Archipelago

You can find boat trips to the Cabrera Archipelago every day in Summer (except on stormy days) which leave from the port of Colonia Sant Jordi and less frequently in the Winter (call +34 971 649 034 to check and make a reservation).

In 1991, Cabrera and the group of 16 small adjacent islets became a national park. There are strict regulations to preserve this virgin ecosystem. After visiting the charming bays and ruins of the old fortress, you can enjoy a stop at the Blue Cave on the way back.

Dragon Island

Tourist boats to Sa Dragonera (the ‘Dragon Island’) depart from Port d’Andratx and Sant Elm and trips take about 20 minutes (for reservations, call +34 639 617 545). When you arrive you should check the hours when the boats return. You have to bring your own food and drink and you must pick up your trash to keep this nature reserve clean.

When you arrive at the Bay of Pirates, you can visit a permanent exhibition on Dragonera. It won’t be long until you run into the daring endemic lizards outside. It is a species that only lives on this island. You can also quickly get to know the shameless gulls.

The next stop is Sa Dragonera where you can enjoy a free hour to make excursions in the countryside, swim, visit the museum and of course, observe the lizards before heading back to the coast.

Boats with crystal bottoms

Starfish organizes excursions on glass bottom boats from various departure points along the East coast. Its catamarans equipped with underwater vision open a window to the rich marine life of Mallorca and many tours have the option of stopping to take a dip and jump on the slide. Go to starfishboat.com for more information.

Excursions around nature in Mallorca

Galatzó Reserve

This is a large wildlife refuge located near Puigpunyent which opens everyday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in Summer and only on weekends from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm during Winter. The flora is composed of a great variety of species since the extensive reserve rises from 200 meters above sea level and reaches a height of 1000 meters.

You can see ostriches, peacocks, ducks, geese and predators, as well as deer, wild donkeys, goats and even brown bears. It has a small interactive zoo for children and during the Summer you cannot leave without a refreshing swim under one of the many waterfalls. You can also bring food because there is a nice barbecue in the middle of the park.

Mondragó Nature Reserve

Located on the Southeast coast near the city of Santanyí, it offers three different routes that are marked and last between 25 and 45 minutes each. The marine deposits in the area have caused the growth of many different types of vegetation, and if you look closely, you will surely see one or two turtles.

Palma Aquarium

You will need several hours to go through everything. Visitors embark on an adventure through the tropical seas and the Mediterranean with classical music in the background which enhances the mysterious beauty of the marine life. The popularity of El Gran Azul (the deep and great shark tank) overshadows the fact that the aquarium also hosts the largest collection of live coral in Europe.

It also has a complete outdoor playground for children with a pirate ship and a covered rainforest, perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

The Esporles Farm

It is located in the Sierra de Tramuntana in the beautiful town of Esporles, about 45 minutes by car from Palma. It hosts a peculiar museum in an old farmhouse, as well as fantastic gardens. You can see exhibitions of crafts and live dance, taste tapas and sangria and make friends with the animals in the farm. Enter lagranja.net.

Guided tours in Mallorca

Mallorca free tour

This company offers you a tour from Monday to Saturday without a reservation. You just need to go to the meeting point.

The tour is in 2 languages: Spanish and English. It lasts about 2 hours and starts at 11 in the morning in front of the tourism office located in the Parc de la Mar, just below the Cathedral (more information on the map).

Walk through the center of the city and enjoy the main monuments and attractions of Palma: Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, City Hall, Paseo del Born, etc…

Actorized route

It is a sightseeing tour through Palma downtown in a unique and exclusive format. The actorized guides will represent historical scenes related to the places you visit.

The dramatized route History, Mirages and Truths of Palma takes place every Friday at 8:00 p.m. The meeting and ending point is the parish church of Santa Eulàlia. The tour is on foot and it lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Endless activities await you in Mallorca. Explore every corner of the island by land and by sea. If you are also looking for a house to live in Mallorca contact us. In Dompick we help you with the whole process.

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