The wine is a typical and very characteristic product from Spain. Its ancient origin and long tradition have left a historical legacy of wineries that were built years ago and that retain their charm.

Most of the wineries are surrounded by large fields of vineyards that supply them. Whoever wants to make a purchase of this type can choose to buy vineyards with modern facilities in perfect working conditions, or traditional constructions for winemaking.

If you wish, you have the opportunity to find a property in Spain that includes its vineyards and its winery, as well as all the equipment that is required to produce and market wine.

The wine regions of Spain can be divided into 4 zones:

  1. The Costa Brava: Here the local wine industry has grown exponentially in recent years. The farmers realized the excellent condition of the local lands to produce wine in this region.
  2. South of Catalonia: The Penedés region is located here, and only two hours away, to the South, is the Priorato, increasingly known for its large number of wine shops.
  3. La Rioja: It has a cool and continental climate (perfect for grape production), where you can buy completely new vineyards
  4. Andalusia: In Jerez or Rueda there are numerous houses with vineyards. These properties are perfect for hunting, outdoor activities and growth of grapes.

Types of wine cellars

In Spain it’s estimated that there are more than a hundred wineries for sale, of the 5,000 that are built in the territory. It’s difficult to calculate and ensure the price that can reach the purchase of a winery, everything depends on its size and land conditions.

The wineries can be differentiated by the winemaking system and also by its size. Here we show you 3 types of wineries that could be found in the market.

  • Processing cellars

These wineries are characterized by being in the area where the same type of grape grows. These wineries include cooperatives, agrarian processing societies, exporters and growers.

  • Breeding or aging cellars

Within this category we find those wineries in the field of ​​wine aging. They focus on aging wine in order to receive the Denomination of Origin, and then export their production.

  • Bottling cellars

They are all the wineries that make wine aging of Denomination of Origin and are in charge, at the same time, of making the bottling.

In fact, all wineries produce their own wine in their facilities, they differ in the location of these wineries or in the capacity to export their production after processing.

The success of a good wine

The wineries are usually surrounded by large fields of vineyards, but you must know what characteristics the land must have to obtain a good wine.

To obtain a good wine it’s advisable to plant the strains in poor lands where the stones abound in the terrain. That is why it’s important that the soil has limestone, clay or siliceous components. The explanation to this is that the vines in these lands are forced to sink their roots deep into the soil and thus manages to regularize the supply of water to the strains.

Even so, there is no one ideal type of land that is favorable for all vine varieties. What is important is to keep the plant free of chemical products so that it can develop freely.

4 fun facts about wine

The wine, in addition to tasting good, has real health benefits. Here you have some of these benefits and other fun facts about this old drink.

  1. The oldest winery in the world is in Armenia, since 4100 a.C. It’s one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of wine. The remains that were found exceed in years the wine facilities known until now. During the Cold War the cave was explored to build defense facilities.
  2. Milestii Mici winery, the largest winery in the world, is in Moldova. It’s in the “Guinness Book” of Records for having more than 2 million bottles and 193km of tunnel.
  3. The frozen wine exists, it’s called “Eiswein”. Its elaboration is carried out through frozen grapes that provides high sugar content.
  4. Studies published in the Journal of Neuroscience discovered the benefits of the skin of red grapes for short-term memory.

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