Properties for sale in Bunyola

Bunyola is a municipality located in the northern area of the Serra de Tramuntana, which is formed by three population nuclei that are very different from each other: Bunyola, Palmanyola, and Orient. Well-known properties such as Raixa, Alfabia, and San Cavalleria, among many others, are part of Bunyola.

The population nucleus of Bunyola, like others in Mallorca, has served as a source of inspiration for the novels of well-known writers. For example, Lorenzo Villalonga, possibly the most renowned writer in Mallorca, wrote the novel “Bearn” that was set in this municipality, which years later it was adapted to film and was shot in the gardens of Raixa.

Bunyola has spectacular views. There are areas of this municipality that exceed 1,000 meters in height in the Serra de Alfabia, and others are much flatter, such as the border of Palma that doesn’t exceed 100 meters.

The main focus of attention of Bunyola are its narrow streets and stone houses, many of them have the typical image of Santa Catalina Tomàs, who is a Saint very venerated in the island towns.

In the center of the municipality, in the square there is the Baroque church of San Mateo of the 18th century that has a gothic image of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. This same area is surrounded by coffee shops and small shops. Bunyola offers a real estate offer of small traditional stone houses and properties with a lot of vegetation in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The urbanization of Palmanyola was recognized as the Local Small Entity in 1987. Its name arose from the combination of Palma and Bunyola. It is one of the three population nuclei of Bunyola, even so, there are other urbanization areas such as Coma-Puig Verd or Sa Font Seca, which are an extension of the municipality.

It is characterized on many occasions as a luxury bedchamber town. Due to its close proximity to Palma de Mallorca, many inhabitants of the capital have their residence here to escape of the agglomeration of Palma.

Both in Palmanyola and in Orient, the third nucleus of Bunyola, houses historic stately buildings, such as Alfàbia – which can be visited – and Raixa, and one of the most famous forests of the island, Sa Comuna.