Properties for sale in Algaida

The municipality of Algaida is located within one of the most beautiful areas on the island of Mallorca. It is a small municipality, with a few more than 5,000 inhabitants and is made up of six small mountains. Something very peculiar about this place is that unlike other parts of the island, here it can rain regardless of the season.

Algaida has an international and mixed community. Although the town is mostly a place where people live permanently, it is also popular as a place to go on holidays. Being 22 kilometers southeast of Palma with a direct route to Manacor, Algaida is also a very attractive option for those looking forward to relaxing in a village, away from the bustle of the city of Palma.

Algaida is a traditional rural town. Very faithful to its style, you can find lots of windmills in the surroundings. Its winding streets full of sandstone buildings lead to the main square and the church.

The lands of Algaida are rich and fertile. They provide excellent local products which are used at some of the best restaurants in Mallorca. Its great potential comes from the Gordiola glass factory, which continues to use traditional methods in its production process. The grape is another raw material that is grown in this area, home to many wine producers, like the Can Majoral winery.

Algaida also has a broad religious legacy. The Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, from the XV century, the Sanctuary of Sant Honorat, from the XIV and the chapel of the Mare de Deu de la Pau of Catellitx, are in the same municipality.

The art provided by this set of architecture along with the landscape offered by the natural springs of the nearby village of Randa, create a really charming picture.

This small town has great mercantile activity. Every Friday, they organize a general market in the main square of Algaida for the sale of fruits, vegetables, sausages and clothing among others.

Another market, unrelated to food products, is the Pina market located in the Plaza del Llogaret, which is known by its traditional products. However, the most important street market, due to its branding purposes, is the one held on Saturday before Sant Lluc in October, where you can find several companies with the Balearic product label to promote the island’s brand.

The properties for sale are houses or apartments for 300,000 euros. Most properties are designer chalets or “high standing” properties and their prices can be in the multi-million Euro range.