If you are in the island, chances are you’re interested in getting around Majorca, planning how are the roads and the transportation alternatives you have.

Since the sea line connecting Palma de Mallorca with continental land was opened, there has been multiple testimonies about the wonders of this magical land, between castles, risks, and mountains decorating the sides of the roads. Mallorca has a very rich geography, from plain roads, and mountain high curves.


The Palma-Alcudia (1), Palma-Port d’Andratx (2), Palma-Llucmajor (3) are the fastest, more secure and principal roads of Mallorca. Palma and the airport are connected with the Palma-Lllucmajor highway. All major roads lead to Palma.

Curvy roads

Sa Calobra road (MA-2141) 

This is a 13 kilometers long road at the mountains with sea views. Not particularly steep, at a 7% of steepness at its maximum, but with extremely closed curves. Twelve 180 degrees curves and one 360 degree curve are part of this rocky system surrounding the northwest of Mallorca, so it is not surprising having to spend around 15 to 20 minutes to get through this 13 kilometer road. 

The distance from Palma de Mallorca to Sa Calobra is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Carretera de Sóller (MA – 11)

This is a secondary road, from Palma de Mallorca to Soller, through Son Sardina, Palmañoya y Buñola. It has a length of 24 kilometers and has a tunnel going through Alfabia Mountain, called “Soller’s Tunnel” where you pay a small fee to pass, or El Tunel de Soller. The price of this fee is 5 euros, and thanks to this tunnel, the total driving time has diminished greatly. 

Nowadays, it takes merely 30 minutes to go from Palma de Mallorca to Soller.

Getting around Majorca in public transportation:

Arround the island

The cheapest and more sustainable option of getting around Majorca is public transportation. To be able to enjoy this service, you need the Intermodal card.


Intermodal is a prepaid card that allows you to enjoy big discounts on public transportation of Mallorca, that way you would be able to move around in buses, trains, and subway. It also has several other advantages. There are different options with different price ranges.

  • General card (Between 26 and 64 years old)
  • Big family card
  • A card for young people (People under 26 years old)
  • A card for seniors.  

How much?

The first time you solicit the Intermodal card, it has a cost of 3 euros. In case of loss, robbery, bad state of the card, or rupture, the owner must pay 8 euros for a duplicate.


You can have the card right away. Go to the information module at the Intermodal Station at Palma de Mallorca, any day from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00hrs, or Saturdays from 9 to 17:30hrs. Sundays and holidays are not part of the work schedule. You must print and fill this sheet.

Another option would be to stop by the city hall. This service can only be solicited by the future holder of the card, if this were to be solicited by a third party, a signed authorization and a copy of the DNI is required.

You can find more info in te web.

Citizen card:

With this card you would be able to move around in public transportation with a discount and no need to carry cash. You could also use the bicycle  service, Bicipalma. (Bicycle renting offered by Palma de Mallorca City Hall). If by any change your place of residence is in another municipality, there is no problema, as you can also apply for this type of card and enjoy the benefits.

Where can I solicit this?: Just show up at the Attention to the Citizen Office at the Palma City Hall or the EMT Office.

Within Palma

  • EMT Lines:

If you’re just moving within Palma, this capital city has it’s own urban bus lines. At this website you can find more information on how to move with the 46 different routes they provide.

  • Subway/Metro:

There’s just one subway line connecting Plaza España de Palma with the Son Castello poligon and the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB).

  • Bicycles:

Bicipalma is the public bicycle service at Palma de Mallorca. Besides being a very practical, healthy and environmentally responsible service, it really makes short distance trips very easy.

They have more than 290 public bicycles available and a special bicycle road with a length of 81 kilometers. If you own a bicycle, you can park it safely at one of the 385 bicycle parking spots available around Palma.

Prices can vary according to the time of usage, the first 30 minutes are free, from that point on, it ranges from 0,50 cents of euro for every 30 minutes, to 12 euros for 5 days. If you own the Citizen Card, you’ll have the option of a monthly, trimonthly or annual bonus, from 4, 9, or 24 euros respectively.

Renting a car

On Land

These offices are dedicated to the car renting business, they are all close to the airport, so you can have a vehicle to move around as soon as you arrive to Mallorca. There are some exceptions as woud be Avis Alquiler de Coches en Palma de Mallorca, located at Palma.

rent a car mallorca

Renting a boat

If what you like is to enjoy the good weather, avoid the traffic jams, and packed beaches in the summer, think about getting around Majorca renting a little boat!

rent a boat mallorca

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